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Who We Are


sociality is a social media agency based in Windhoek, Namibia.

We LOVE social media! No really, we can’t live without it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Soundcloud, Musicly, you get the gist, right? It’s our calling.

We use it, play with it, test it & try to be clever with it. The reason we are HERE, you ask. Well, it is to use what we have learned (and learn every day) to help it work for your organisation in Namibia. How can your company use Facebook better? What about Instagram for your school or LinkedIn for your NPO/NGO? You let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll be there with a social media concept / plan / idea.

We also know that you´ll love sociality as much as we do.

Innocent Shangombe: Social Media Community Manager

Innocent is a sports fanatic, loves vintage cars and is an amateur mechanic. “I live to create whether it’s with my hands or my mind, I’m obsessed with leaving a mark on the world.”

Andrea van Rhyn: Social media, designer.

Andrea loves technology and all things that evolve within the Media Industry. “Media has always been a passion of mine, researching and experiencing first-hand how we have evolved with technology and software. Content Development is another passion of mine; I love being able to bring something to life, and having it portray its own story.”

Daniel Meyer: UX/UI Designer, WordPress Web Developer

“I strive to create intuitive and beautiful user experiences and interfaces from conception to implementation, while constantly challenging myself and learning new skills and technologies in interface design and front-end development”. Daniel loves running, staying active, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Eugen Simeon: Designer

Eugen is a self-taught graphic designer and part-time photographer with great attention to detail.
He loves music, arts, travelling and meeting new people. He spends time on the internet trying to learn new things and improving on what he already knows.
“I enjoy new and challenging projects that pushes me to learn more”, says Eugen.

japie swanepoel: director

Japie loves running and cycling when not trying to conquer the online world. He competes in running and cycling events, on and off the road. Japie has written and contributed to a number of eMarketing books loves talking about all things online. He has presented social media strategy workshops in Nairobi, Harare, Windhoek, Cape Town & Johannesburg. He is the founder of D4C, a ministry aimed at assisting churches and the like on how to use online media properly.

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What We Do