According to Statista, there will be 4,78 billion mobile phone users worldwide in 2020. That is a 15% from just 5 years ago. And yes, 2020 is in less than 12 months from now.

According to Hootsuite’s January 2018 report, there were 2,76 million mobile connections in Namibia. More than humans living here! That can only mean that some users have more than one phone or another connected device in addition to their mobile phone.

The big question we keep on asking ourselves is, what’s NEXT?

Games, utility apps, music, bank payments: these are the things we are already doing on a daily basis on our devices.

What does the future hold for health & wellbeing, artificial intelligence, fintech, commerce, robotics, fundraising, etc?

We want to know these answers too and for this reason will be visiting the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona next month. We’ll also be attending the 4YFN (4 years from now) seminar in order to discover the startup technology that will be making a difference 4 years from now.

See the programme here and drop me, Japie, (japie[at] a mail if there is a specific session you think I should be attending on your behalf (no monies required) 😉