I have had the privilege to attend the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, last week, 25 – 28 February 2019.

My overall reaction: overwhelming.

I attended multiple workshops, keynotes & presentations. I visited some 800 exhibitors at 4YFN.

This associate event focuses on start-ups and mobile technology that will impact the world four years from now (4YFN)

At the main event, 7 exhibition halls hosted 2,400+ global companies exhibiting their goods and services, all based on current and future mobile technology.

With 109,000 visitors from 198 countries, this was a huge event.

Over four days, MWC19 highlighted the intersection of ‘hyper-connectivity’, enabled by 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), and ‘intelligence’, delivered by artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. In addition to the core elements of intelligent connectivity, MWC19 explored the key topics of Content, Digital Trust, Digital Wellness and The Future.

During April 2019, we will be hosting workshops in Windhoek, the coast and the North in order to share what we learnt here and how Namibian companies & organisations, big and small, can apply some of the insights in order to serve their clients and stakeholders better and improve the lives and well-being of Namibians of all walks of life.

The first workshop will take place at River Crossing in Windhoek on Wednesday 22 May 2019. See the details here: http://bit.ly/2XUbAA0

japie swanepoel