Now is REALLY the time!

Is your business still operating but below your usual levels?

Is your business closed but you are wondering what will happen when you have to open again?

Can your business operate at any level online?

Have you never had a real plan or strategy for your business online?

Well, now REALLY is the time to get your online house in order.

Maybe you have a web site, social media platforms, some email addresses, cellphone numbers, etc.

My question to you: are you using those tools in an effective manner to:

· Maintain relationships with your current customers?
· Generate leads?
· Generate sales?
· Recruit new staff?
· Tell your story?
· Share your thought leadership?
· Show your corporate social initiatives?
· Generate public relations?

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If not, then it is clear that a structured online strategy is what you need right now.

If that is the case, let me help you create such a strategy. It will certainly help you align your thinking and help determine the future of your business or organization.

Japie Swanepoel (LinkedIn)

Founder and Director: sociality.