Much has been said about social media policies.

What exactly is it, why have one and how do you go about getting one?

In essence it is a document of guidelines on how the people in your organisation should “behave” themselves on social media.

And yes, not only on the official company accounts, but social media in general. What would your thoughts be if you see a friend or family member has posted an image like this on their Instagram account, for instance?

Sure, you’d think they are not crazy about their job. But you’ll also start wondering about their boss / manager, the management there in general and the company they work for as a whole.

This may impact on your perception or even interaction with that company.

In this silly example, it is clear to see how everything is connected and how every action on social media is a reflection of yourself and then your opinion of and relationship with various people and organisations.

A policy should not be there to scare anyone or just used as a reason to dismiss some-one for a silly Tweet, but should serve as a guideline of good practice and a tool to protect the company and employee at the same time.

Some key components you may wish to address include:

  • Being open and honest.
  • Not tolerating ANY discrimination.
  • Taking responsibility for your actions.
  • Honouring copyrights.
  • No badmouthing or swearing.
  • No hiding behind screen names or fake identities.

Most big international brands have social media policies and a quick Google search will provide much insight.

If you’d like us to assist you with your own customised social media policy, email japie[at] for a chat.